NASA Posted Free Downloadable Space Sounds On Soundcloud

Ground control to Major Tom, commencing countdown, engines on… yea, NASA has a Soundcloud account.

How kontkiff is that?

They’ve uploaded some of the most iconic space sounds ever heard and made them available for free download: Rocket sounds, lightning on Jupiter, the chirps of satellites, interstellar plasma, radio emissions and passing comet temples. There’s also a whole bunch of launch commentaries, count-downs, and even a few speeches from President John F. Kennedy including his historic “We choose the moon” Apollo 11 announcement.

Have a listen below:

This is pretty cool considering that you, me and any other creative can finally use real space-sounds in our music, film, game or advert. I already have a killer idea for that lightning on Jupiter track. NASA won’t dig it if you use their name and logo or if you imply commercial endorsement, but if you want use it, just credit them. Check out the full content details here.

While we’re on the subject, go and check out the LHC Sound Project. A bunch of physicists, programmers and musos have taken data from the Large Hadron Collider and converted it into sound and music. Have a listen to the trippy sound of the decay of the Higgs Boson “God Particle”. Naxt Laval.

I’m only posting this because my band once went to space, so yea. We’re into these kind of things:

Via Redorbit + Createdigitalmusic


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