934ad8_155fabfc0e8ceb88494d81e1d292cbfc_649_489_85_22_050_120_000_I once sang Afrikaans songs as Willim Welsyn, I still do – but now I also do it in English, ergo the blatant translation of the name.

I also took pictures, wrote a lot of stuff for Rolling Stone South Africa magazine and worked on the rollingstone.co.za site for almost three years. And then the title tragically died four months into 2014.

I started this site because I miss working on the RS site.

The stories and posts you’ll find here aims to engage likeminded people in order to shamelessly promote my own music, videos and especially my new album, Shunt.

And yes, I should’ve written this in the third person.

Need anything? Contact me here.

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